Specially Designed Shirts

Supporting the Empowerment of Womanhood

Are you eager to display concrete evidence of your support towards the empowerment of womanhood? Project your moon power by wearing one of the specially designed shirts of I Am Moon Power. We hope to empower you and every other woman who comes into your scope of influence. Call our staff to order a shirt today.

Coming Soon!

  • Candles - White Pillar Candles

  • Underwear

  • Women's one-piece Night Shirts
  • Socks

  • Journals

  • Fitted Yoga Pants


1. Pink and White Shirt & Pink Logo
2. Cream Shirt & Red Moon Power Logo
(Main T-shirt that will always be available in all sizes)

3. Mint Shirts  & Chocolate Moon Power Logo
4. Cream Shirt & Purple Logo 
5. Peach Shirt

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Current Stock Shirt Sizes
Current Stock Colors

*If you would like to help provided a shirt for a girl in need please click here to donate.
*Ground Shipping included.
*Expedited shipping- please complete contact form with request.


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